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Our Wool

Romneys have fantastic, high quality wool at 29 – 35 microns and they also produce lots of it, around 5kg per ewe. Our view has always been to make the most of their own supreme natural product. In all the years that we have kept Romneys, we’ve always made a profit from our wool despite historically low wool prices.

Natural Fibre & Renewable

Wool is a natural by-product of sheep farming and fleeces are removed each year for the health and wellbeing of the animals. A natural, renewable fibre, sheep produce new fleeces each year.


Romney wool is an excellent insulator. Environmentally friendly, it is not processed into compact blocks, so can easily be used in small gaps and doesn’t have to be cut to size. Naturally fire and sound proof, it’s a fantastic, cost effective option for the home.


As a natural fibre, wool can (and often does) decompose, returning valuable minerals into the soil as it breaks down. This means that there are no long-lasting, harmful plastics in the environment.

Multi Climatic

Thanks to its natural properties, wool is multi-climatic, which means it’s comfortable in cold and warm weather as it constantly reacts to the wearer’s body temperature.

Flame Resistant

Wool has a high water and nitrogen content, which means that it is naturally flame resistant. With a higher ignition point than many other fibres, it won’t melt and stick to skin like many man-made materials.


Naturally hypo-allergenic, wool inhibits dust mites and is resistant to mould, making it a great option for those with asthma and allergies.


The unique structure of wool means that it can absorb and release moisture, which makes it extremely breathable and comfortable to wear all year round.

Easy Care

With its own protective, waxy coating, wool is resistant to staining and is anti-static, which means it won’t pick up dust. Many wool items can now easily be machine washed, and the quality and durability of natural fibres mean that garments will last for years.

Our Story

Over the last 30 years we have drawn on our experience of living in and our family ties to New Zealand.

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